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Issues discussed at this year’s TAG meeting are summarized as follows:

1. There was a discussion of FHWA Form 45 (Item N-18 on ballot). This is in the Trnsport work plan to determine its feasibility. There has been a pilot project with INDOT to test the electronic transfer of information from Trnsport to the form. It was noted that two generic fields are required. The software is available on Cloverleaf. States need to make changes to the software to be able to use on their appropriate platforms.

2. There was discussion of FHWA Form 37 (Item N-22 on ballot). The information in this form is fed into FMIS and tracks federally funded work on a project. Trnsport houses about 90% of the information needed for this form. The intent of this would be to be able to transmit data from Trnsport to FHWA electronically. It was added as a ballot item last year. FHWA and Infotech have agreed to change data bases as needed to make this work. FHWA is rewriting the data base to make it easier to use. Hope to be ready by October of 2000.

3. Charles Engelke provided an update on the rewrite of Expedite to a windows (32 bit) format. Some concern was expressed that the new expedite may be difficult for some contractors since it cannot be used on Windows 3.1 and many small contractors may have older computers that do not have a more advanced version of windows.

4. There was some discussion on BidExpress. Infotech is working with Lawyers to take care of potential liability issues. This is currently an Infotech product, not a Trnsport product. Wisconsin and South Carolina are currently in production with this. Georgia will soon be implementing it. Infotech is working with Georgia in this area to allow for digital signatures. Iowa is also pursuing the use of BidExpress in the not to distant future. The service costs $25 per month for the contractor. There is no cost to the DOT’s.

5. There was some discussion on electronic bidding. Most states that have electronic bidding allow it to be optional. In most cases, a contractor submits a diskette of their bid along with a paper version. Wyoming provides computers at the bid sight for those contractors who do not have computers to come in and use before the bid. It was noted that it is important to have buy-in from AGC before going in this direction.

7. Discussed various ballot items that are under the jurisdiction of this TAG.

8. Election of a new TAG coordinator and assistant coordinator took place. Steve O’Connor, Vermont AOT was elected the coordinator for the next two years. David Bollie, from ALDOT was elected as the assistant coordinator.

The meeting was adjourned.

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