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Richard Hall announced that he is retiring and that the TAG needs a new coordinator.   The TAG voted to recommend that Eileen Phelan be the new TAG coordinator.

There were three ballot items remaining from the previous year; all are being at least partially addressed in the rewrite.

Jim Haefele moved that the TAG recommend that the three items be removed as long as they are being addressed in the rewrite.  Eileen Phelan seconded.  Passed.

Jim Haefele said that Wyoming is doing cost sheets in Estimator, and that Estimator brings all the cost sheets back into PCS, whether or not they are being used.  Kathy Yelle noted that this is a maintenance item but should be reported.

There was a question about enhancement funds; Jeff Hisem asked John Carpenter to answer the question.  John said enhancements will continue to be important.  He also said that a group of states can ask the Task Force to adopt a change.  He said the DSS rewrite will consume a lot of resources.  The task force will look at the DSS rewrite proposal in December.

The TAG wrote and approved a mission statement and Long- and Short-Range goals.

There was a discussion on the Highway Cost Index (HCI).

Texas just implemented Estimator, and is having problems identifying items as alternates; Mike Fowler volunteered to help.

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