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AASHTO Trns.Port Contract Monitoring TAG

Bill McDowall Virginia
Chet Grimsley Florida
Lori Riehn Missouri
Wady Williams FHWA
Claretta Duren FHWA
Randy Lawton Info Tech
Tom Pierce Vermont
John Carpenter Vermont
Jeff Lee Derrer North Carolina
Turner Bond Missouri
Jim Green New Mexico
Shirley Clark New York
Jim Shear New York
Steve Belzung Iowa
Jim McClave Info Tech
New officers were elected:
Bill McDowall Coordinator
Lori Riehn Assistant Coordinator

DSS Rewrite

A final proposal is being drafted for rewriting BAMS DSS. This will be the largest project with AASHTO to date. Functionality will be improved, user friendliness enhanced and improved response time. Funding is being explored through the FHWA.

Discussions of the type of people to make up the TRT and JAD teams were conducted. Each member was requested to consider candidates in the eventuality we can get funding and proceed.

Potential enhancements envisioned for new DSS:

bullet Increased user friendliness and understandability
bullet Online help
bullet Pattern recognition
bullet Ability to run standard series of models/jobs
bullet Increased location oriented analysis

Received an update on collusion detection activities in the North East and role DSS played. Dr. McClave informed the group of the reversal of an Alabama court decision that had disallowed the use of DSS tools. This was very welcome news for the group and all states using DSS tools.

Over the next year the group will re-write the mission and goals for the Contract Monitoring TAG.

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