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Trns.port Users Group Data Processing Technical Advisory Group October 28, 1998

1. Roll call - members present (11 of 14)

Eric Erskine, Lisa Farley, Tom Brewer, Joe Nguyen (proxy for Jerry Beasley), Andy Crenshaw, John Masceranus, Bill Gordon, Ron Belli (replacing Mike Perry), Mark Janicek, Jennifer McAllister (replacing Patric Culp), Kevin Martin.
Not present - Frank Busch, John Carpenter, Nasser Pourfarzaneh.

No longer on the tag - Mike Noris (Texas)

3 New members - Eric Eichler (Wisconsin), Ron Hyatt (Kentucky), John Sakakeeny (North Carolina)

Total attendees - 37

2. Discussion of Ballot Items - Reviewed two new CAS ballot items proposed by Iowa. Iowa asked the DP tag for support of a CAS enhancement which would lock a voucher that has been paid. Iowa also asked for support of a second CAS enhancement which would allow support for fractional days in the site time calculations. Iowa realizes that funding for enhancements is limited and is willing to fund these enhancements as long as they are included in the CICS/MVS DB2 version of CAS. The Data Processing tag voted to support these enhancements. It was noted that Sitemanager has the ability to lock vouchers and calculate fractional days.

3. Introduction of any new Ballot Items - The Data Processing tag has added a new ballot item at the request of Ron Hyatt and Loren Lemon which would modify the Print process in C/S Trns.port to allow greater control of the output format by the user.

4. Resolutions - the DP tag proposes two resolutions.

5. C/S Trns.port Support options - certified, supported, unsupported and validated.

6. Elect new coordinator - Andy Crenshaw elected as new DP coordinator.

7. Other Issues - some discussion about Y2K, file transfers between PC and mainframe, and automated file cleanup in mainframe trns.port.

8. Meeting Adjourned at 11am.

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