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Called to Order at 8:30

Roll Call - The members present include:

Cora Sharp Georgia DOT

Joe James, Oklahoma DOT

Shirley Daugherty Nebraska DOR

Dawn Scheel Texas DOT

Bill McDowall Virginia DOT

Paul Neumann Colorado DOT

George Martinez New Mexico DOT

Tim Lindberg South Carolina DOT

Timothy Lewis FHWA

Joe Bouchey Connecticut DOT

Mark Bortle Iowa DOT

John Oberdiek Missouri DOT

4 InfoTech representatives, 2 MCI SystemHouse representatives, and 12 others were present.

Introductions – TAG members, InfoTech representatives, SystemHouse representatives, and Jim Nugent introduced themselves to the group present.

Minutes from last year's meeting – Paul Neumann from Colorado motioned to accept the minutes as written from last year. Shirley Daugherty from Nebraska seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Mission Statement approval

"To provide a forum for users of AASHTO Trns*port CAS and SiteManager to discuss issues related to their respective licensed modules and to discuss proposed enhancements to said modules, thereby making recommendations to the User Group general body."

Short and Long term Goals

Short term goals would be to ensure the successful implementation of SiteManager and a successful transition of the MSE to InfoTech from MCI. The successful implementation of Trns*port Client Server software.

Long term goals would include ensuring the Trns-port construction/contract administration software continues to be upgraded and enhanced to meet the users needs. The successful implementation of Trns*port Client Server software.

EX: A number of states are interested in a hand held component for SiteManager.

Discussed the samples and agreed to add Client/Server Trns-port software to the goals. Agreed to wait until later on to finalize.

Software Development Updates


Client/Server CAS – Currently on schedule

Field Manager – Currently piloting in 5 states and 1 local agency. By the next construction season, 100 local governments and 40 contractors will have it up and running. They are currently beta testing windows CE version to be ready for next construction season.

Jim Nugent – chair of Trns.port Task Force - Discussed the TTF’s issue with what to do with FieldManager and SiteManager. Jim is looking for discussion on this issue to assist the TTF in determining whether to adopt FieldManager as an AASHTO product.

MCI SystemHouse

SiteManager – Currently working on final release for November 2nd. Had a September release for Texas enhancements and a July release previous to that. They are still planning on a July 1st release next year.

Enhancement Items


C-41, 42, 43 were recommended last year by the TAG

C* Alternative Time Units impacts all Trns*port, thus the Large cost. Recommend this for the Client /Server version.

C* Payment Voucher Locking. Different states populate VODTACCT and VOPAID in different stages (some when the voucher is sent to accounting, some when the check is cut). After discussion with Kevin Martin, recommend this enhancement as a system option.


Because of the extensive list of enhancements, and time constraints, the TAG will be having conference calls and forwarding recommendations to be sent along with the Ballot to the User Reps. The recommendations will also be forwarded to the TTF.

The items that were discussed:

TE101 Hand Held Data Collection –

After much discussion of reducing functionality to inspectors, developing technology, and implementation issues the TAG does NOT recommend this enhancement at this time.

CA10 Recommended, revised to add contractor name in addition to Vendor ID

CA33 Recommended

CA47 Not recommended due to impact on other modules. Although the benefit is recognized, this needs further analysis.

CA48 Conditionally recommended pending further analysis of impact on other modules

CA58 Tabled for further clarificationCA71 Not recommended. Ad Hoc reports would serve this purpose.

CA90 Not recommended.

CA97 Recommend adding Progress Schedule Report as a standard report.

CA101 Conditionally recommend pending analysis of impact on other modules

CA110 Georgia withdraws this itemPZ15 Needs further analysis and clarification

CD1 Recommended

CD42 Recommended

SiteManager Implementation Status (informal)

Nebraska DOR 1-page issues sheet available from Shirley Daugherty

Colorado DOT 1-page status sheet available from Paul Neumann

Alabama DOT Strong support network is essential

Using T1 lines to Districts, and 56K lines to residencies

Decided to use ruggedized laptops - $4000/ea – plan tougher wear to lead to less frequency of replacement.Advise – "Go for bandwidth" in network. Usage will overtake generous estimates of need.

Virginia DOT Awaiting implementation of Financial Management System II before SM; lesson learned is to do VOLUME TESTING for any new system.

Build a big pipeline – the usage will follow.

Others - Georgia DOT is beginning Pilot implementation of 30 contracts beginning immediately after the November release. Statewide rollout is scheduled for staged implementation beginning July 1999.

Discussion period

In the interests of time, the discussion of the transition of the SiteManager MSE from SystemHouse to InfoTech was delayed until the question and answer session after Jim Nugent, Chair of the Task Force, speaks during the Thursday afternoon session.

Election of Officers

Cora Sharp agreed to serve another term as the TAG coordinator and Dawn Scheel was elected as the Co-coordinator

Adjourned at 11:50

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