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Keynote Address
          Presenter: Mike Jenkins, Indiana DOT
"Where is TRNS· PORT™ heading over the next 5 years?"
          Presenter: Charles Engelke, Infotech

GeoPak (LRS) Land Records System
          Presenter:  Jim Tucker, Bentley Transportation
Step by Step creation of a Parametric Estimate in DSS & CES
          Presenter:  Jennifer McAllister, Ohio DOT
The Role of DSS in Cost Estimation
          Presenter:  Kathy Yelle, Infotech
Using Trns.port for Innovative Contracting
          Presenter:  Roger Bierbaum, Iowa DOT
AASHTO Trns.port™ Contractor Activities  Presentation (PDF format)
Statement of AASHTO Trns.Port Consultant Activities
          Presenter:  Tom Rothrock, Infotech
Materials Manager: The Next Generation SiteManager™ (PDF format)
          Presenter:  Monelle McKay, Infotech
Trns.port™ Task Force Report
          Presenter:  Jeff Derrer, North Carolina DOT, Task Force Chair
1999 Materials TAG Report
          Presenter:  Lonnie Jones, Georgia DOT
Implementing SiteManager in a Non-P/L/C State
          Presenter: Dawn Scheel, Texas DOT
SiteManager in New Mexico: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
          Presenter: Tom Kratochvil, New Mexico DOT
TUG Chair Report
          Presenter: Mike Jenkins, Indiana DOT

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