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AASHTO Trns.port Users Group Conference
October 5-8, 1999
Atlanta, Georgia
Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
165 Courtland Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone: (404)-659-6500
Fax: (404)-524-1259
Toll Free Reservation: 1-800-833-8624

George Bradfield (TEA) E-mail: george.bradfield@dot.state.ga.us

Bill Webb (TUG) E-mail: william.webb@dot.state.ga.us

Tuesday, 10-5-99

2:00- 5:00pm - Registration (Rotunda Booth)

3:00- 4:00pm - Tug Board Meeting (Hospitality Suite-Atlanta 3)
                        TUG Officers and TAG Coordinator

4:00-7:30pm - Technical Advisory Group Meetings

bullet Cost Estimating (Estimator, CES)
bullet Conf. Room 125
bullet Eileen Phelan, Coordinator
bullet Data Processing (CAS)
bullet (Conf. Room 127)
bullet Andy Crenshaw, Coordinator
bullet Materials Management (Site Manager, Materials Manager)
bullet (Conf. Room 129)
bullet Bernie Paiz, Coordinator


6:00- 8:00pm Demonstrations (Atlanta 1 & 2)
bullet Demos of all Trnsēport modules and related software by Info Tech

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Wednesday, 10-6-99

7:00-4:00pm Demo Room (Atlanta 1 & 2) open and available for group or individual software demos.

7:00-8:30am Breakfast (Rotunda Lobby)

7:00-5:00pm Registration (Rotunda Booth)

8:00-8:30am Roll call and introduction of attendees and modules licensed.

       (General Session Room--Capitol North) informal
         Introduction of Officers

8:30-12:00pm Technical Advisory Group Meetings (10:30-10:45am BREAK)  
bullet Construction Management (Site Manager, Materials Manager)
bullet General Session Room - Capitol North
bullet Cora Sharp, Coordinator
bullet Contract Monitoring (DSS, Site Manager)
bullet Conf. Room 125
bullet William McDowall, Coordinator
bullet Proposal Thru Award (PES, LAS, Expedite, Bid Express)
bullet (Conf. Room 127)
bullet Steve O'Connor, Coordinator
12:00-12:20pm Tug Board Meeting (Hospitality Suite-Atlanta 3)
TUG Officers and TAG Coordinators

12:30-1:30pm LUNCH (On Your Own)

1:30-3:00pm Data Processing Session (General Session RoomóCapitol North)
bullet "Where is TRNS PORT heading over the next 5 years?"
bullet Presenter: Charles Engelke
bullet GeoPak (LRS) Land Records System
bullet Presenter: Jim Tucker

bulletExtending TRNS PORT with use of plug-ins
bullet Presenter: Mary Beth Dowling


3:00- 3:30pm BREAK

1:30- 4:00pm Demonstration (Atlanta 1 & 2)

bullet Demonstration of all Trnsēport modules and related software.by Info Tech
4:00- 10:00pm DINNER (Stone Mountain ParkóTransportation Provided)
bullet There is scheduled a riverboat dinner cruise at Stone Mountain Park for the evening. We will be leaving the hotel between 4:00pm - 5:00pm and returning between 10:00pm - 11:00pm.  Please send notice of interest to Bill Webb (TUG)
Thursday, 10-7-99

7:00-                  Demo Room (Atlanta 1 & 2) open and available for individual or group software demos.

7:00- 8:30am Breakfast (Rotunda Lobby)

8:30- 9:45 Opening of 1999 Trns∑ port User Group Conference
            (General Session Room - Capitol North for all Session except lunch)

Mike Jenkins,TUG Chairperson
Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia and the 1999 TUG Conference
                Larry Dreihaup (FHWA)
                Frank Danchetz (GA DOT)
Keynote Address of 1999 Conference
                Mike Jenkins, TUG Chairperson, Indiana Dept. of Transportation
9:45- 10:25 Cost Estimation
                    Moderator: Eileen Phelan
                            Step by Step Creation of a Parametric Estimate in DSS & CES
                                           wpe1.jpg (2619 bytes)
                            Presenter: Jennifer McAllister


10:25- 10:55 BREAK

10:55- 12:30pm Cost Estimation / Proposal through Awards

                Moderator: Eileen Phelan
                The Role of DSS in Cost Estimation
                                    Presenter: Kathy Yelle

12:30- 2:00 LUNCH (Buffet Provided) (Capitol Center)

2:00- 3:15 Proposal through Awards
                Moderator: Steve O'Connor
Internet Bid Submission
(Presenter: Deb Walker, Bill Webb, or Lem Dobbs)
Minnesota's Process of Implementing Electronic Bid Submittal
and Plan and Proposal Distribution

      Presenter Dave Ekern



3:15- 3:45 BREAK

3:45- 5:00 "Using Trns.port for Innovative Contracting"

bullet Brainstorming session
bullet Format Suggestions see file InovaContSess.doc
bullet Moderator: Roger Bierbaum


5:00- 5:30 Closed Session (General Session RoomóCapitol North)
               -Official TUG Reps only
5:30- 6:00 Tug Board Meeting (Hospitality Suite-- Atlanta 3 )
     -TUG Officers and TAG Coordinator

5:00- 9:00 Demonstration (Atlanta 1 & 2 )

7:30- 8:15 - Windows Expedite & Bid Express Demonstration (Atlanta 3)

8:15- 9:00 - SiteManager Demonstration (Atlanta 3)

7:00- 9:00 Info Tech Reception
Location: Capitol Center Room

Friday, 10-8-99

7:00- 1:00pm Demo Room open for individual or group software demos.

7:00- 8:30 Breakfast (Rotunda Lobby)

8:30- 9:45 Construction Management (SiteManager)
          Moderator: Cora Sharp, GA DOT
                     (General Session RoomóCapitol North)
          New DBE Requirements and Construction Management Systems
                     Presenter: DiMasio from Texas
                     Inspector's Hand-Held Device
                     Presenter: InfoTech

9:45- 10:25 BREAK

10:25- 11:45 Construction Management/Contract Monitoring Session
                (General Session RoomóCapitol North)
      Moderator: Cora Sharp
            -wpeB.jpg (3282 bytes)"SiteManager in New Mexico - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
                                        Presenter Tom Kratochvil's, New Mexico
                    wpeC.jpg (2498 bytes)  "Implementing SiteManager in a non-P/L/C State"
                                        Presenter Dawn Scheel, Texas DOT
                                    "BAMS/DSS: Bid Analysis Tools for the New Millennium"
                                        Presenter James McClave - Info Tech


11:45-1:00 LUNCH (On Your Own)

1:00-  Demo Room closes for break-down and shipment.

1:00- 5:00 Trns∑ port Users Group Business Meeting (General Session RoomóCapitol North)

-Official Roll Call - Mike Jenkins - 15 min
-Approval of the 1998 Minutes - 10 min
-Treasurer's Report - Loren Lemmen, Secretary-Treasurer,10 min
-Ballot Item Discussion - 30 min
-Proposal Resolutions - 20 min
-State Issues - 30 min

3:15- 3:30 BREAK

3:30-4:50   Business Meting (Continued)
                    Moderator: William McDowall, Vice Chair
                             - Trns∑ port Task Force Report - 20 min
                             - Trns∑ port User Group Report - 15 min
                             - AASHTO Contractor Report - 35 min.

csoon.gif (12127 bytes)An update on the Materials Manager proposal
                                                                            Monelle McKay
                    - TEA Chair, overview of the TEA conference - 10 min.
                                            New Officers - Jeff Hisem

4:50- 5:00 BREAK

5:00-5:30 - Invitation to the 2000 Trns∑ port Conference - 10 min
                 Pablo Griego, New Mexico



            -Offers to host 2001 Trns∑ port Conference - 20 min

5:30- Adjournment

6:30- 7:00pm Cocktails (Rotunda Lobby)

7:00- 10:00 p.m. Banquet and Awards (Capitol Center)

(Mystery Dinner Theater - "Murder Under the Magnolias")

   -Presentation of New Officers

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