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Mission Statement:

To provide a forum for users of AASHTOWare Project™ estimation products, to discuss maintenance issues and proposed enhancements, make software recommendations to the user group general body and AASHTOWare Project Task Force.

Short Term Goals:

Long Term Goals:

Member List:




Chad Richards

Montana DOT

(406) 444-6944

Charles Nickel
Assistant Coordinator

Louisiana DOTD

(225) 379-1078

Brooke Perkins

Arkansas DOT

(501) 569-2533

Stephen Bokros

Colorado DOT

(303) 757-9293

Mike Jenkins

Indiana DOT

(317) 232-6733

Cherie SheltonKentucky Transportation Cabinet(502) 564-3500

George Macdougall

Maine DOT

(207) 624-3353

Rhiannon Worgess-Carveth

Michigan DOT

(517) 373-7912

Todd Hill

Nebraska DOT

(402) 479-4421

Travis McKibben Ohio DOT (614) 752-2968

Devin Robertson

Virginia DOT

(804) 839-2220

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