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Trns•port PES provides SHA design, contract administration, and estimation staff with a computerized tool to help with project definitions, funding specifications,project cost estimation, contract proposal creation, and bid letting packaging. The detail cost estimate for the Plans, Specifications and Estimates (P,S&E) package and bidding proposal are two key outputs of the PES module. Integrating the PES and BAMS/DSS modules provides automated estimation capabilities with sophisticated statistical analyses of historical bid information.

PES/LAS Prel. Det. Est. vs. Final Det. Est. - Issues from Idaho

Idaho's Training and Usage Manuals for C/S PES (PDF)
Training Manual CS PES
Training Guide - Project Header
Worksheet Project Header Mod
Worksheet Project Header
Training Guide - Proposal Header

Worksheet Proposal Mod
Worksheet Proposal

(User Instructions for PES 5.2a-Powerpoint)

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