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The Trns.port SiteManager software product, formerly known as CMS, aids construction project managers, reducing their paperwork load by requiring that data be entered only once.  It provides the following integrated functions: field-based data collection using inspector's daily work reports, complete administration of contract records, project-oriented civil rights monitoring and materials management

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Nebraska Custom SM RTF Templates CONTAUTH.RTF and CONCONF.RTF (Nov. 22, 2003)

Connecticut's Sitemanager RTF templates
(posted May 23, 2003)

Construction Issues Review Team Subcommittee Information

Alabama DWR Template Example (Powerpoint Show)

Proposal for Subcontract Data Transfer Click Here

Missouri QRG's (quick reference guides) for SiteManager tasks (In Adobe PDF format)

Download a Zip File of all of the QRG's

South Carolina's Position Description for a SiteManager Manager
PDF format                DOC format

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